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Provider Quality Payment Program

TechStar MDs offers the best quality payment program services by staying up-to-date with the latest guidelines, regulations, and changes in the Quality Payment Program (QPP). We regularly review information and resources provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure compliance and maximize reimbursement. We determine if your practice or eligible clinicians qualify for participation in the QPP by reviewing the eligibility criteria for MIPS and Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs). We evaluate the different participation options, including individual or group reporting, and determine the most suitable approach based on your practice's circumstances and resources. 

Moreover, we analyze the performance of eligible clinicians in the relevant QPP categories (Quality, Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activities, and Cost) to identify areas of strength and areas that require improvement. We use data analytics and reporting tools to monitor performance, track progress, and identify opportunities for optimization. This may involve updating clinical workflows, enhancing care coordination, adopting evidence-based guidelines, optimizing resource utilization, encourage participation in continuous quality improvement activities and engage eligible clinicians in the process. We also ensure the effective utilization of certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to support quality reporting and data exchange. Maximize the use of EHR functionalities to streamline documentation, facilitate reporting, and improve care coordination. 

Additionally, we offer education and training to eligible clinicians and staff members on the requirements and best practices related to the QPP. This may include coding and documentation training, meaningful use of EHRs, quality measure selection, and reporting strategies. TechStar MDs ensures accurate and timely reporting of quality measures, improvement activities, and promoting interoperability measures as required by the QPP. We continuously monitor performance and evaluate progress throughout the reporting period by regularly evaluate and refine your quality payment program services based on feedback, performance data, and changing program requirements.

Quality Payment Program


TechStar MDs offers efficient and best Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) services that involve aligning billing practices with the principles of PCMH and optimizing processes to support coordinated, patient-centered care. We are very well familiar with the core principles of PCMH, which include comprehensive care, patient-centeredness, coordinated care, access to care, and quality and safety and we do understand how these principles impact billing and reimbursement practices. PCMH places a strong emphasis on preventive care and managing chronic diseases. TechStar MDs ensures that your billing processes support the documentation and reimbursement of preventive services, such as wellness visits, screenings, and immunizations. 

PCMH involves tracking and reporting quality measures to demonstrate the delivery of high-quality care and we ensure to capture the necessary data to support quality reporting requirements and performance improvement initiatives. We educate patients about the PCMH model and the benefits of coordinated care and their role in the care process, including appointment scheduling, care plan adherence, and active participation in their own health management. We continuously monitor your PCMH processes, identify areas for improvement and stay updated with evolving PCMH guidelines and adjust your practices to align with any changes or updates.

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Why choose TechStar MDs?

TechStar MDs specializes in billing and revenue cycle management. We have dedicated teams of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the complex coding, billing, and reimbursement processes. Their expertise ensures accurate and efficient claim submission, reducing the risk of errors and claim denials. We have streamlined processes, advanced technology, and economies of scale to handle billing tasks efficiently. 

By outsourcing TechStar MDs, you can focus on your core competencies, such as patient care and practice management. Medical billing can be time-consuming and requires continuous training and staying updated with changing regulations. Offloading these tasks to us allows you to dedicate more time and resources to delivering quality healthcare services. We have processes in place to streamline the claims submission and payment collection process. We ensure that claims are submitted promptly and accurately, leading to faster reimbursement. Our timely and efficient billing processes can significantly improve your cash flow. We always stay updated with the latest healthcare regulations, coding guidelines, and billing requirements. And ensure compliance with regulatory changes, reducing the risk of billing errors or non-compliance. This can help you avoid penalties, audits, and potential legal issues. 

We adapt to your changing needs. Whether a practice is expanding, downsizing, or dealing with seasonal fluctuations, we can scale our services accordingly. This flexibility allows you to receive the necessary billing support without the challenges of staffing and resource management. Moreover, we provide regular reports and performance metrics, offering insights into the financial health of a practice. We generate customized reports that analyze key performance indicators, reimbursement trends, and claim denials. This data can help you make informed decisions and optimize your revenue cycle management.

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